The human mind is the source of ALL of our problems. My work is influenced by the supernatural sages and swami’s of my native land, who devoted the whole of their lives to the nuanced examination of the human mind, what it is, and the manner by which it affects the human being.

Virtually ALL of the remedies of the modern world in the field of “psychology” create solutions from Within the mind. As a result, all such remedies, if they do manage to work at all, have a shelf-life. And thus one finds himself having to return for another “dose” or a “new remedy.”

This is not a cure. It is only palliative treatment. It is “management.” And this serves only to perpetuate the pervasive problems that human beings face in their lives and their work.

Cure is achieved not by working from Within the mind, but in Transcending The Mind.

On those days that you are at your very best, when your ability seems to simply flow through you. When you feel that you can do no wrong. This is not because your mind is “calm.” This is because your mind has disappeared.

In the East, this is known as the glorious state of NO-MIND. It was alluded to in the movie, The Last Samurai.

This is the state that the sages live within. And this is why they are ALWAYS blissful.

This is the state that they work in, and this is why they perform miracles.

This is the state that the modern professional must learn, if he wishes to create Masterpieces of his work.

This is what I teach to my private clients.

Most of my work is done on-site with professionals. For this is the capacity in which I am able to apply the knowledge and understanding directly to the world class athlete or the corporate executive, precisely within the environment in which he works.

In some cases, some individuals seek to consult with me from a mental performance standpoint, whilst applying the techniques themselves.

Email: DrGupta [at] SiddhaPerformance [dot] com

The State of No-Mind

The State of No-Mind Personified


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