Working With Professional Athletes

I work with adult professionals. My work caters to the world class.

World class athletes. And world class executives.

My current clients are the most recognizable names in their fields. They include: Olympians, PGA Tour Players, Professional Hockey Players, Swimmers, and Elite Executives.

I travel the world, working with individuals who are at the peak of their craft in order to get them to the absolute zenith of their human capabilities.

This is achieved by helping the individual 1) achieve Freedom, and 2) the state of No-Mind.

If an individual has not freedom, he has nothing. And if he functions from a state of Mind, he is limited.

Most of those who are at the highest level of their craft do not suffer from skill acquisition. They suffer from skill ACCESS.

Skill can only be accessed once the individual achieves Freedom. And the skill can only be utilized to its full capabilities once the individual achieves a state of No-Mind. For it is only in the state of No-Mind that one is free of interference. And he no longer gets “in his own way.”

From this state, the individual is able to create a masterpiece of his craft.

Siddha Performance is the only consultancy in the world specifically devoted to helping world class individuals achieve the state of No-Mind.

Due to the unanticipated response, my schedule has become very limited.

I work with select individuals who are screened prior to my taking them on as clients. Philosophical compatibility and an understandings of one’s inspiring vision are among the things that must be addressed.


Working With Executives

Executives live in a high pressure, high stakes environment that is essentially no different than that which is encountered by professional athletes.

All that is currently available to the executive is the concept of Stress Management and Incremental Improvements of Productivity.

Stress is not something to be managed. And incremental improvements in performance are far beneath the potential of the glorious organism that is the Human Being.

Stress is a byproduct of mind. And once mind is transcended, stress and interference simply fall away.

Productivity and Performance are at their zenith when the human being allows his talent to do the work for him, without any form of interference.

The state of No-Mind leads to:

1) Freedom

2) Equanimity

3) Clarity

4) Creation of Masterpieces

From this arises Superhuman Performance, Ultimate Creativity, and the creation of Masterpieces.

I teach athletes and executives to achieve this state illustrated within these two short videos:

The State of No-Mind

The State of No-Mind Personified

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