The Force That Controls Our Lives

The Force That Controls Our Lives

On July 5, 1687 in the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia MathematicaIsaac Newton stated that unless acted upon by another force, an object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion . . . FOREVER!

This was his principle of Inertia.

Little did he know that this force is actually more applicable to human beings than it is to inanimate objects.

For it is, on a practical basis, the single most relevant force in the life of a human being.

A human being will keep doing the same thing for DECADES.

His behaviors, his outlook, his opinions, his preferences, his actions tend to remain the same for his entire lifetime.

It has been said that human beings don’t change. And this is largely a true statement.

Why is this so?

Because of the principle of inertia.

But the principle of inertia applies to inanimate objects, you say.

And you are correct. A steel ball has no volition of its own. It is wholly adherent to a physical law.

But a human being is not.

And yet he lives his entire life . . . as a steel ball.

I’m not speaking of the POTENTIAL of a human being. I am speaking of what ACTUALLY IS THE CASE.

Naturally, the POTENTIAL of a human being is to be free of the principle of inertia. But this is not the way it actually is.

And because of our own inertias, we become forever susceptible to the very same consequences of those inertias.

We suffer the SAME turmoils year after year. We experience the SAME conflicts year after year. We make the SAME “new year’s resolutions” year after year. We make the SAME promises to ourselves year after year. We have the SAME hopes year after year. We suffer from the SAME pattern of ailments year after year.


The truth is that most of us are indeed acted upon by another force. Our family attempts to point out our flaws. Life attempts to teach us lessons. But few of us listen. At least for the first few hundred times!

(We are such inefficient creatures, I tell you.)

For some, the force which acts upon them finally works to break their inertia.

For most it does not.


It is quite simple.

The inertia-breaking force works ONLY when it is more powerful than the inertia itself.

When it is, the inertia is broken.

When it is not, the inertia continues.

What is this force which breaks the inertia in human beings?

It is not about the name of the force. It is actually about the QUALITY of the force.

Essentially, it is any force that makes an impact upon the human heart. And whose impact upon the heart surpasses the impact of the prevailing inertia.

Such a force may be a profound realization. A sudden empathy. An element of self-disgust. Or an overwhelming desire.

For some it may even be that they become Cognizant of the fact that they are living a passive life under the force of Inertia.

Now comes the million dollar question.

What precisely is this “inertia” that enslaves a human being to an endlessly repetitive life?

Can you define it?

Can you place your finger upon it?

If you look directly at it, you will see.

I assure you this is not a rhetorical question.

There is a DEFINITE answer.

I am not the teacher who is asking you to give the answer to some idle question that has nothing to do with the reality of life (hint: school . . . a complete mockery of human beings).

While it is true that I have discovered the answer, this answer does not get you a grade.

It has the power of transforming your life.

In the end, it is not I who will benefit from your answer. It is you who will sit with it. And examine it. And grab yourself by the soles of your feet and flip yourself onto your head so that you may see your life in a way that you have perhaps never before seen it.

There is a part of me which hesitates from withholding the answer from you. But if I just tell it to you, your mind will devour it as a morsel of “knowledge” and it will be gone forever.

What is this inertia that controls the life of a human being?

What is this inertia that has been controlling YOUR life since the day you were born?

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