The Most Glorious Way To Live


The Most Glorious Way To Live

From the moment that a man awakes he is assaulted by the tempest called MIND.

His actions are interfered with. And thus they are pseudo-actions. And it is for this reason that they are imperfect.

This is why man fumbles his keys. And trips and stumbles throughout the day.

He second guesses his decisions. He worries about outcomes. He dissects the responses of others. And laments over words spoken.

He succumbs to emotions. And feels the weight of guilt.

And he repeats this cycle throughout the entirety of his life.

Man has become accustomed to this meager sort of existence. He has become accustomed to living as half a man. And, as such, the majority of mankind forever remains only a possibility.

Why is this so?


To live as Mind is to live in turmoil.

To live as Mind is to live within a perpetual storm.

And the best that one can hope for is to seek temporary shelter beneath a dilapidated bridge.

Is this the life of Kings?

Is this the sort of life that man was meant to live?

You see, MIND is something made for the BENEFIT OF MAN. But instead, man has become enslaved to MIND.

Enslaved to its patterns, its prejudices, its cravings, and wanderings.

But as one begins to understand the mind and the intricate web that it weaves, mind becomes subservient to him. It does his bidding. It moves mountains. And parts the heavens.

Mind is that genie in the bottle which must be understood. For when a man understands it, he captures it.


The only way to understand mind . . .

The only way to capture mind . . .

Is from the state of NO-MIND!

You see, life becomes a benediction when each action that we take is the result of volition rather than the result of reaction. When we choose to Act, our actions are infused with power.

When we choose to Speak, our words are infused with wisdom.

This has nothing to do with “behavior modification.” For “behavior” is simply the leaf that twirls on the outermost branch. It is a natural reaction to the root.

Affect the root and you will affect the leaves.

Capture the essence of Mind, and behavior will shine like the Gods.

Man has become so accustomed to his turmoils that he considers them necessary bedfellows.

Athletes are taught that Pressure is inevitable. And they are given methods for “dealing with” pressure.

“Dealing with” pressure is like dealing with pancreatic cancer!

It doesn’t work too well. It is like attempting to empty the ocean with a teacup.


It is a sign that your life is completely consumed by MIND.

But few are those who understand this message.

A man’s feelings are symptoms of his state of understanding.

Mind consumes men DAILY. As it has for thousands of years.

Mind is more destructive than a thousand cancers. Yet it is never talked about. And rarely understood.

What is the most glorious way to live?

Your most glorious state of living will come about through a transformation of understanding, rather than behavior.

To understand that almost everything that you do is done in an automatic and unconscious state.

Upon seeing the exquisite human being that was The Buddha, a man asked him, “Sir, are you a God?”

“No,” said the Buddha.

“Are you a spirit?”

“No,” said the Buddha.

“Then please tell me, sir. What are you?”

The Buddha replied, “I am awake.”

The bulk of humanity is asleep.

And my work and my devotion is to help them to awaken.


By helping them understand how asleep they have been.

One need not rid oneself of darkness. All that is needed is to turn on the light.

Awaken, my dear man! For the life that you have ignored awaits you still.

And once you see it, you will finally begin to LIVE IT.

Dr. Gupta works with an exclusive group of Professional Athletes, CEO's, and Performing Artists. He reveals to them the Secrets to conquering their mind, and achieve the Freedom and the Peace they have been seeking all of their lives. Exclusively by Invitation, Interview, or Referral.